Double run weekend

So this weekend I ran on the Saturday and on the Sunday!!  I think the realisation that the Liverpool half marathon is next weekend has kicked in and made me panic!!

Saturdays run worked out being 4.22 miles. I got my boyfriend to drop me off up by blackmoorfoot reservoir and then I ran home. It was a miserable day but luckily I managed to miss the rain showers and got back still dry! I even did a hill sprint in the middle which I was quite proud of! 


Sundays run was a slower 3 miles with Claire. She met me at mine and we just did a loop down to the gym and back. I ran the first mile too fast for me as my legs were aching from yesterday so the other 2 miles were slow with walk breaks. However I still went out and ran so it’s better than nothing! 


Bank holiday Monday run

Met up with Claire this morning and did one of my loops around blackmoorfoot. It was a really good run, we didn’t go fast but we talked the whole time which made it easier to keep going till we did 5 miles. For most of it, it was like being in a wind tunnel!!  Felt like we weren’t getting anywhere!! 


We saw some lovely views and met a horse, a few dogs and these sheep!

Only 4 weeks till the Liverpool half so really need to sort myself out and get running regularly otherwise it’s going to be horrible!

Making progress

I’d done a couple of strength sessions during the week but hadn’t been running so on Saturday morning I decided I needed to get out there. I got my boyfriend to drop me off 4 miles away from home so I could run back. The run was great!  I kept running the entire way and from looking at my garmin stats, I managed to keep my pace steady instead of the usual fast then slow. The third mile was my slowest and I think I was overthinking it too much and it was messing my rhythm up. I got to 4 miles a few mins away from my house and then walked as a cool down past the lake where I managed to snap a few great shots of a heron taking a quick dip! 


Once I got home, I checked my garmin and saw that my average pace was a minute faster than my last 3 runs and each mile was in the 11mins!!


Really happy with this and feeling a lot better about my next training run. Trying to build up slowly and enjoy it rather than go out for a long run when I’m not ready and hate it!

Running in the rain

Just got home from a soggy 3.5 mile run with my friend Claire. We met at our usual spot by blackmoorfoot reservoir and did a slow run together in the rain, most of it spent avoiding the massive puddles all over the paths.



I haven’t done much running or any exercise really in the past 2 months but I have eaten a lot and managed to put on nearly a stone!  The realisation that I’ve got to run a half marathon in 9 weeks has kicked in and made me get back on track. Having to start again building my base is frustrating but only got myself to blame!

Today’s run is the second one this week and the fourth day of exercise so feeling positive that I can do this and hopefully still achieve my goals; sub 2.30 half marathon and to be at my goal weight by my birthday.

My new moto:


Training Plan


I’ve made a 17 week training plan for me and my friend to follow as we are both aiming towards a sub 2hr30 half marathon when we run the Liverpool half. I was meant to be doing this race last year but due to a back injury, I had to cancel. Really looking forward to it and to start training at the begining of Feb.

New Year Run!


Start the year as I mean to go on. Parkrun was at a 10am, slightly later time which was needed as I didn’t get to sleep till around 3 ish! It was freezing and icy outside and the course had to be changed as parts of it were too icy to run on. The course is normally 2 laps wiggling around in the park with ups and downs all over but it was changed to 3 laps round the edge of the park which meant there were a lot more uphill bits. I had forgotten my garmin and didn’t have a pocket big enough for my phone so I ran tech free which was actually really nice. I had decided just to enjoy the run and not go for a PB as my legs were sore from yesterdays final day of a squat challenge I had been doing throughout December. I actually enjoyed the different course as it was a change however the second lap felt really hard. My official time was 32.46 which is 59 seconds slower than my PB but is much better than I thought it would be.

I’m not one for new years resolutions but I really want to get my 50 parkrun t-shirt this year so aiming to try and do it nearly every week when possible.

Great North Run 2015

I’m currently sat on the plane to Amsterdam and realised I hadn’t written a post in ages so decided to do my race recap of the Great North Run.


My training before the race had been sporadic but the final 5 weeks before, I did stick to regular running and followed a plan I had made.

I went up to Newcastle on the Friday with my mum, brother and sister-in-law and spent the weekend in a flat we had rented. My friend Claire was living in Newcastle at the time so came and met us.

On the Saturday we went to see the city games and went to the pasta party. Unfortunately it was horrible weather and we got soaked but was still good fun! That night we went to an Italian restaurant and carb loaded and tried to have an early night.


The flat we had rented was in Whitley Bay so the morning of the race, after arranging to meet the family at the end, Claire drove us to her house where we planned to leave her car and get on the metro into the city centre.


We got to the metro station with plenty of time and chatted to a few fellow runners. The metro was an absolute nightmare!!  The first 2 trains missed and then the third one was that full, no one could get on it. By this point we were starting to get really stressed as the race was due to start in 30mins! We managed to squeeze onto the next train and made it into the centre but by the time we had queued for the toilets,  the race had started!! We managed to find a gap in the fence and get in with our colour bibs and began the walk down to the start line.
It was incredible!!  The amount of people all wearing different charity t-shirt was such an emotional sight!

I ran the first 2 miles with Claire and then I told her to go ahead and we would meet up at the end.

The entire race route was lined with people cheering and handing out jelly babies. I’ve never seen anything like it. The atmosphere was incredible!!

I spoke to loads of people along the way, especially other Parkinson runners. At around mile 12 I saw a guy wearing a parkinsons shirt walking so I started chatting to him and he told me he had packed the wrong trainers and had blisters. I stayed with him for a while before he told me he was going to have to walk again and that I should keep going.
The last mile was along the seafront and I have never seen so many people cheering and shouting,  it really kept me going through to the finish line.

The finishers area was so busy, people and charity tents everywhere!  Somehow I bumped into Claire when I was having my finishers photo so we got one together and then headed down to the Parkinsons UK tent to meet my family.


The guy with the blisters came up to me and thanked me for keeping him going which was really nice.
My time wasn’t the best but to be fair my training hadn’t been the best so I didn’t expect much.

The whole experience was amazing and one of the best things I have ever done! Cannot wait to do it again next year!!